Zsolt Tibor

trashtalktoobjects. 7 – 20 October 2017

Zsolt Tibor: trashtalktoobjects
7 – 20 October 2017
Artkartell projectspace

Zsolt Tibor's art practice starts with drawing. It starts with a surface meticulously and repetitively covered with figurative and abstract elements which aren’t devoted to a specific narration or linear interpretation but rather to spontaneous occurrences and associations of materials and meanings. Through collages, ready-made and objects applications, lighting but also through their surface itself (for the artist the material, support of the image as the same importance as the image itself), drawings are the constituting element of the artist’s installations and spatial compositions. Two-dimensional artworks then become spaces, symbols and monuments.

In trashtalktoobjects featured in Artkartell projectspace (Budapest) Zsolt Tibor deals with a compulsive behavior, a kind of (unconditional) love / (conditional) hate, or vice versa, of the individual towards objects. Objects which we could also define here as « things in life ». This care/not care relation comes from a certain impatient temper, a ritualized loneliness mixed with habits of a consumer society. This exhibition is about animism, battle between objects and experience, defense mechanisms built up in the mind as patterns and rituals.

trashtalktoobjects is a recomposed version of Zsolt Tibor's solo show in Futura (Prague).


Zsolt Tibor (born in 1973 in Budapest, lives and works in Vienna) is one of the most representative contemporary Hungarian artists of his generation. He graduated from the painting department of the of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. He was the first Hungarian artist to be awarded by the Strabag Artaward International in 2009. Among other collective projects, Zsolt Tibor had solo exhibitions in Budapest, (Trafo and Viltin gallery) at Lukas Feichtner Gallery in Vienna, in Lisbon, Helsinki or Sevilla. Some of his works take part in the Ludwig Museum Budapest Collection, the Carousel Collection in NYC or the Museum of Spanish Contemporary Graphics.

— Artkartell

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