About Us

 What is Artkartell projectspace?

Artkartell projectspace is an experimental not-for-profit exhibiting place having come about as a spin-off of the Artkartell magazine in 2017. The venue is provided by PP Center also giving home to the Artkartell magazine in one of the industrial halls of the former textile factory. Artkartell projectspace gives a chance to 2-3 artists an opportunity to introduce themselves through a solo show in the autumn and spring seasons: in the first place for outstanding young or middle-aged artists based in Budapest. The industrial white cube space operates as a platform for exhibitions without following strict institutional principles of operation as it offers a chance to mount independent solo projects. Its art director is Gábor Rieder, an art critic and a curator.

address: 1033 Budapest, Szentendrei út 95.

— Artkartell

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